Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Kingsley Tavern

Today I ate at the Kingsley Tavern for the first time today for a work dinner. I don't usually go to places with 'tavern' or 'bar' in the name, but I've learnt not to judge a place so quickly. The food here was delicious. And that was just my vegan meal. I'm sure omnivores everywhere will enjoy their meals here too. The serving sizes were very decent and the presentation was great too. The place itself was really lovely. It was clean and it looked very classy. Come here if you'd like a great dining experience :)

The paper cut out people above my plate is of the little boy I work with and me. He's like a ray of sunshine :) The dish i ordered was the Roast pumpkin salad veg with Spanish onion, baby spinach, feta, semi dried tomato, pine nuts, crispy noodles and curry vinaigrette...minus the feta of course ;)

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