Monday, February 25, 2013

Taro chili cake

I can't remember when my love for taro began but now whenever I go for bubble tea, if there's a vegan friendly version then taro flavour is what I'll always get. For those who have no idea what taro is, it's a starchy potato-like root vegetable. It's used in a lot of Asian recipes. Taro can be used for desserts, drinks and savoury recipes. Very versatile. Very yummy. 

Up until recently, I didn't know taro was available in shops until a family member told me to look in the Asian grocery. I bought myself a nice taro root and decided to try taro in a savoury dish. I found a simple recipe for taro chili cake from, but the most common taro cake is the one served at dim sum (two recipes found here, and here).

When you blend steamed taro, it forms this starchy and sticky paste which kind of looks like play doh. So beware, people who are picky about food textures. I may be biased, but I don't mind the texture because the flavour is so delicious.

If you want to try taro but you're not sure where to start, maybe try a taro flavoured bubble tea (if you even like bubble tea) or a taro latte. For those in Perth, I know Superstar Waffles makes a good taro latte :)

Ok, I gotta go now, the Oscars are on!

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