Friday, February 1, 2013

A weekend away

My parents are Asian. Sometimes that's I all I need to say before my friends nod and say "yeah ok, I get it now". Some Asian parents just do things differently and sometimes the only short answer that can be given is "because they're Asian". 

My parents are also very loving. When i was little, I saw them as loving to the point where they were just too over protective, but now their love doesn't restrict me, but it inspires me. The point of saying all this? I'm 21 now and over that time, I've built up trust and respect. My good friend invited me to join her in Sydney for a girls weekend away. I didn't think my parents would agree to it, but they gave me their blessing without any conditions. We fly tonight. My parents have never let me go with just a friend for leisure before, so this is something totally new to me. 

A weekend trip away? No biggie you say? Well it is for me. My parents are Asian.

My dad kinda reminds me of Liam Neeson's character in Taken. I'll make it an effort to never let my dad watch this movie. It will just give them more reason to think that I'll get kidnapped anywhere I go outside a 50km radius of home. My dad is funny that way, but I love him always.


  1. BAHAHAH! That is super bless. I seriously adore the relationship you have with your dad. But it's moments like these that make you realise that we're all growing up.....and maybe your parents have realised that too :D

    1. Lol growing up is nice :) But i love that I can hang out with you and the girls and still act like a child :P