Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Homework Centre

The St Vincent De Paul Society is amazing. I've been volunteering with the youth for a few years now and the experiences I've had going on some of the kids camps have changed me for the better. I recently signed up for a Vinnies program called Homework Centre where children come in and volunteers help them with their homework and then do some enrichment activities with the children. 

Today was my first time volunteering for Homework Centre and our activity was to make invisible ink out of lemon juice. The idea is that you use the lemon juice as ink and write a message on white paper. Put the paper up to a heat source and then the message will become visible. Genius stuff. Kids love it. The instructions from the website (here) said to use a lamp to heat up the paper. The lamp we had wasn't hot enough so we ended up using a sandwich press of all things. It did the job nicely though. If you have an iron handy that would work too. 

I love the notion of helping kids to reach their full potential. Don't give up on them. They need role models. 

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