Monday, April 1, 2013

Fremantle Street Arts Festival

The Fremantle Street Arts Festival was on this Easter long weekend. Today was the last day and I was so keen to go because I've never been before and I'll take any excuse to go out to Freo. It's a lovely part of Perth. It's a very chilled and hipster-ish place right next to the coast. Sometimes when I stroll around the area I feel like I'm in a different country because the atmosphere is so different to the rest of Perth. 

When we got to Freo and were just about to get our parking ticket to display on the dashboard, a nice lady approached us and gave us her ticket which had already been paid for. The ticket was valid until 1am tomorrow morning. She told us that someone had given her the ticket and now she was just passing it onto someone else. Nothing like this has ever happened before and my friend and I were totally shocked at what a nice act it was.

Unfortunately I had other things on this morning and at lunch time so my friend and I didn't have the chance to check out all the performances that were on between 9am and 4pm, but we still managed to watch a few of the talents. We managed to catch the end of a street performance called Les Vitamines. It was a comedic acrobatic act performed by two very talented men...with great core strength might I add. They were a hilarious duo, and they really knew how to make the crowd laugh.

The festival also had lots of stalls set up along some of the main roads. There was plenty of things to browse through from clothing to jewelry and food. 

We also had time to stop into the Fremantle Markets. This was another new thing that both of us had never done. We didn't get to explore all of it, and it was close to closing time when we got there, but we'll be sure to go back.

We were so pleased with all that we bought and saw at the festival, and we ended the day on another high note by passing on our valid parking ticket to a nice couple :)

Half price takoyaki!! The benefits of coming late when the stalls start packing up :)

Rocking the bag pipes
Water painted onto the brick paving

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