Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Script at the Perth Arena

I had the best time doing my 'something new' for today! 

Last year my friend Nav and I bought my friend Cindy tickets for the three of us to see The Script live in concert at the Perth Arena. 

I LOVE The Script...even though 80% of their song lyrics are ridiculously depressing.

The Script came to Perth two years ago but at that point in my life I still had my head stuck in the books and I didn't go out much. So seeing them tonight was a first. The Perth Arena has just recently opened up, so it was a first for me to take a peek inside. 

So I'm sure anyone who has seen The Script in concert will agree with me that they are incredible, amazing, the f****ing bomb, and just the best thing ever to hit my ears. 

The standard of the performance tonight was gold. Pure gold. They sound amazing live. The lead singer, Danny O'Donoghue's raw voice was seriously fantastic.

Not only did they perform the songs perfectly, but the way they interacted with the audience was so good. They just sounded like such genuine guys who really liked performing in Perth. I've been to some concerts where the singer sounded to rehearsed, but these guys sounded to genuine. 

One of the favourite parts of the show was they asked the audience if we've ever drunk texted, called or facebooked an ex and then they asked the people in the mosh pit to call an ex of theirs. A girl in the front actually did it and the lead singer Danny grabbed the phone off of her. Lol, the ex's name was Todd and Danny sung their song "Nothing" into the phone. It was one of the most original things I've ever seen. 

Not only was it my first time seeing them in concert, but it was also Nav and Cindz's first concrt ever. The Script did not disappoint us tonight. They went beyond our expectations. 

I laughed, I sang, I danced in my seat, I screamed, I clapped my hands and my heart ached a little bit with each of their breakup songs, but not once did I come down from my high. 

Have you just finished reading my blog without knowing who The Script are? Go listen to their albums right now. Right. Now.

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