Saturday, April 13, 2013

Scitech After Dark

I had a great bit of luck the other day. My friend had spare tickets to an event tonight called Scitech After Dark and so she invited me along. 

For all of you who don't know, Scitech is a science, technology, maths and engineering education centre. It's welcome to people of all ages who are interested in the nuts and bolts of how things work. 

The After Dark event is for adults only and it's pretty much when they have all the exhibitions open without all the kids running around. 

Scitech have specific exhibitions on display each season and the current one was 'Science Fiction, Science Future'. Think of everything and anything to do with the cool gadgets you see in Sci-fi movies. There was an awesome robot which could change facial expression to match your own, a screen which could make you go invisible just from moving from one spot to another (the same kind of technique used for movies such as Harry Potter) and many more fun stations with what seemed to be advanced technology. 

We also watched a presentation in the Planetarium. I have never been in there before, and it was definitely something new to me. It was an indoor theatre which had a huge dome screen overhead. On the screen they projected images of the universe and starts. 

The highlight of my night however, was riding on a Segway personal transporter (PT). There was one section for guests to ride the Segway under the supervision of the Scitech staff. I had never been on one before and so this was another new thing I did tonight. I remember seeing an episode of Ellen where she was zipping around on the Segway PT that her wife Portia gave her for Christmas and ever since then I have always wanted to try it. It was awesome!! I want one!

I hadn't been to Scitech in so long, and when I last went I'm pretty sure it was for a school excursion; so it was very nice to go after hours and discover it all over again. 

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