Saturday, April 20, 2013

30 Day Squat Challenge

Working out with my friends is the best motivator for me. They are always so encouraging and they help make it fun too!

At dinner yesterday Ruth was telling us about the 30 day squat challenge she started. So over 30 days, you gradually make your way up to be able to do 250 squats in one go. Day one starts off with 50 squats and you increase each day, with some rest days in between. 

I figured this would be a great something new to start today because not only have I never done any more than 20 squats in a row, but I've never had butt cheek buns of steel either :P

I'll continue to do other new things over the month, but at the end when I reach that 250 mark, I'll film it and post it up :)

Start the 30 day squat challenge today!

 Funny 30 Day Squat Challenge
My new jam. I'll be squatting to this :P

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