Sunday, April 14, 2013

Is Donburi Japanese restaurant, William St Northbridge

Today my friend was going to take me to a Japanese restaurant called Aisuru Sushi on William street in Northbridge. Apparently they have a whole section titled "vegan food". Unfortunately though, when we got there the lunch opening hours had just finished and it wasn't open again til dinner. 

We decided to try out another sushi place nearby called IS Donburi Japanese Restaurant. The place was nice, clean and cosy and from a quick glance at the menu it looked like a good enough place.

What I really liked about the decor was that one of the walls had words all over which were related to Japanese food (e.g. "seaweed", "soy sauce" etc). It was a nice touch. 

We ordered sushi rolls because we weren't starving or anything so it was more to just tide our hunger over. They first served us with miso soup, then green tea, and when they brought out the sushi, to our surprise the serving size was massive. There were eight pieces, but they were too big to eat in just one mouthful (the way I normally eat sushi :P). The presentation was lovely and the sushi came with the inclusion of the wasabi and pickled ginger too. I love the pickled ginger. You gotta have the pickled ginger. It's sweet and tangy and adds a nice bit of acidity and bite to the sushi. I always get so disappointed when the sushi doesn't come with pickled ginger. I love it, but not enough to pay for it on the side. Sorry pickled ginger, I'm just too poor.

I ordered the secret garden roll, which to my surprise had beetroot in it. I've never had beetroot in sushi before, but this was a good first experience. The roll also had avocado, greens, inari (dried tofu), cucumber and what topped with wakame (seaweed salad). So delicious!

We managed to demolish our food even though we weren't all that hungry to begin with. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing; but either way, there wasn't anything bad about this place or the food they served. 

Some of the best miso soup I've had in a while :)

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