Sunday, January 27, 2013

Loving El Salvadoran food

I had my first taste of home cooked El Salvadoran cuisine made by the hands of my friend's awesome mum. The dish we had today was pupusa with tomato salsa and a side of curtido. Pupusa is like a thick tortilla with fillings such as cheese, pork and refried beans. This version had cheese, spinach and red beans as the filling. 

My friend's mum was kind enough to make me a vegan friendly version which just had the red bean. I love when my friend's parents make vegan friendly meals especially for me. I can't even describe how lovely it feels when people do that for me. 

The curtido is a pickled salad with cabbage, onion and carrot. We ate in the tradition of using our hands, and I swear it made the food taste better. The meal was absolutely delicious, and luckily for me there were leftovers which I got to take home in a doggy bag :)

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