Saturday, January 26, 2013


First of all, happy Australia day! 

Today's something new was crepe making! I haven't had crepes since going vegan and even though I haven't craved it, I think after making these vegan ones, I'll get more frequent cravings. 

I decided to make both savoury and sweet crepes. I rustled up some sweet potato and leafy greens and sauteed them together with onion, garlic, ginger and spices. I followed the recipe found here for the sweet potato. The roasted spice mixture smelt so good. I had left overs so I put them in an airtight container and will definitely use them again in another dish.

I used the crepe recipe in my Veganomicon cookbook for these. This crepe recipe was really good. Not only did they taste yum, but they had the same texture as crepes (from what I remember from before my vegan days) and the mixture was easy to manipulate around the pan. I didn't have a crepe pan and so I was a bit scared they'd go wrong and turnout ugly but luckily they looked really nice and didn't break on me.

For dessert I had my crepes with the vanilla ice cream that I made with my ice cream maker, and drizzled maple syrup on top. So good. Nuff said.

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