Monday, January 21, 2013

Jacob's Ladder (of death)

Wanting to do this whole vegan thing the right way, I make sure that I do my research and eat a variety of foods that enable me to get all the necessary nutrients. A healthy diet isn't enough though; we also need exercise. 

When it comes to the exercise department, I'm not pulling my weight. I decided to get up and do something about that today. My good friend and I pushed ourselves to do Jacob's Ladder at Kings Park. Jacob's Ladder is 242 steps worth of thigh aching pain. Before today I had only heard of it. One thing that I enjoyed seeing was the amount of people taking up the challenge at 5:30pm. 

Now, the steps are pretty narrow, so I felt so bad for creating a traffic jam every time I slowed down as a result of my leg muscles not wanting to work so hard anymore. Yes, it burned on the way up and my legs almost buckled every step on the way down, but it felt great afterwards, and I love a good workout where I plead with myself to just go that little bit further. I use these physical challenges to train my will power. Even though my first time doing Jacob's Ladder was exhausting, I'll be back at it again I'm sure.

The gorgeous view of the Swan River at the top of Jacob's Ladder. I must invest in a good quality camera and take better photos which will showcase just how breath taking it really is.

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