Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Handmade cards

Yesterday my awesome friend gave my brother a Christmas gift. I was completely awe struck at how thoughtful it was. My brother is the precious age of eleven, and he's into his video games. My friend had already lent my brother a whole stack of PS3 games, and so he added to the pile and got him a game called Skylanders. I cringe on the inside at the thought of how much the game would have cost, because it came with the game plus the figurines and the portal stand that you need to play the game. 

I am determined to make sure my friend knows how thankful I am for making my brother's day and although I'm totally poor from my trip to America I decided to start small and make my friend a handmade card. 

If you've never made someone a card (or anything for that matter) then I totally recommend that you do. There's just something about receiving a handmade gift that makes you feel special. 

I hope the post man gets my card to it's destination, because I have a friend out there who deserves to feel special. 

Note to self: must invest in a better camera which has better focus! (stay tuned, I will definitely save up)

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