Friday, January 25, 2013

DIY shoes

I bought a pair of $7 oxford shoes last year from Valley Girl and although I like them, I don't really wear them because I don't like the fact that they're completely black. They just look a bit boring. Rather than leave them under my bed, I decided to pimp my shoes today. 

I googled black and silver oxford shoes for some inspiration and managed to whip up the required equipment. I used silver spray paint that my mum uses to decorate flowers. Pretty sure if you don't want the paint to run the minute you get the shoes wet then you should go and buy proper spray paint for leather/material. Hopefully I can just go buy some of the waterproof spray stuff and that will do the job. I used up so much masking tape, covering all the areas which I didn't want spray painted silver.

Ok, so my tip to you: use gloves and do this outside. Luckily it was such a nice day today. I brought out my ipod & speakers and chilled out to some music while I did this little project :)

1 comment:

  1. WOAH! Those look super snazzy :D Would not believe you paid $7 bucks for these babies :D I should totally pass on my glow in the dark spray paint so that you can shine in the darkness